It can only get cooler.

DMD_4212-Edit-Edit Denver Road Trip Day 4 JPEG_FB untitled

It has been so hot in central Florida, I have been looking back of snow photos and eagerly waiting for the winter. Its tough to do outside photo shoots when the temperature feels like over 100 degrees and humidity is 80%, so I found some photos I took near Taos, NM during the winter. I captured this photo after following a herd of deer, it was like a game, they would move and I would move, and then we would just sit and watch each other. For now this is the closest I get to being cool. January can’t come soon enough.

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Artist at work

Artist at work

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Taking a break……street photo

DMD_3356 Street

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Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe, NM    ISO 100    30mm    f5.6   1/125sec

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MontereyI have finally finished editing the pictures from Monterey.  Check them out at

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Trying to make time

Big Sur

24mm ISO 50 F/22 3 second exposure with ND4 filter

I still have not gotten the chance to edit all the photos from California. I have been working on a few when I get the time. Its been a busy few months, a lot of travel and too  much work. The shot above is from the Point Lobos State Park just south of Carmel, California. The entire area is a wonderful location for the outdoor landscape photographer. I spent the afternoon shooting the parks various views. This was a hidden cove at the far end of the parks. The low clouds and even the fog helped to capture the mood. I wanted to slow down the waves, so I added a neutral density filter and increased the shutter time. I like the result.

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Start and end the same

Smiling sea lion

Smiling sea lion    ISO 100   70mm     f7.1    1/200sec

The day started like it ended…..very foggy, but it burned off pretty quick. I found the spot where the sea lions hang out. This guy wanted his photo taken and was willing to smile for the camera. Today was more of a sightseeing day, even got to watch some football (Patriots off this week). Tomorrow back to business at some pre-scouted locations.

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